Tips For Picking Up And Returning A Rental Car

Tips For Picking Up And Returning A Rental Car


Before you leave, take the time to check your car carefully. Some people take photos to record their trip, especially after-hours drop-off points. Also, make a note of the final condition report. Documentation makes it easier to dispute unexpected charges later. You should use the same credit card when returning the rental, as using a different one may invalidate collision coverage. It is also a good idea to keep all rental paperwork. If you want to hire luxury car in Dubai, keep these things in mind when returning it.

Documents to bring with you:

It would help if you had all your paperwork ready to pick up and return a rental car. The rental car employee will walk you to your car, check it, and take photos of any damages. Then, sign the checkout form listing any damages you found. Once you return the rental car, you’ll be asked to sign a check-out form that lists any damage. If you find damage you didn’t see, take a picture of it to record any future damage.

You should have a valid driver’s license:

When picking up and returning a rental car, you should have a valid driver’s license. Some car rental companies also require an International Driver’s License or passport to rent the car. Be sure to bring your license and your credit card, too! The rental company may also require a signed agreement that details the terms and conditions of your rental, including the type of insurance you’ll need.

Fuel tank:

The best way to save money on gas when picking up and returning a rental car is always to leave the tank full when returning it. Many car rental companies have electronic fuel metering, making it easier to save money by pre-paying for a full tank. Likewise, you can time your return to the “E” mark and fill the car fully before returning it. Save the gas receipt, and note the time and amount of filling.

Always bring the fuel receipt with you:

Always bring the fuel receipt with you when picking up a rental car. It will allow you to show the rental company that you refilled the car before claiming the tank was empty. The receipt will also include the date, time, and location where you purchased the fuel. If you forget your receipt, it may be too late, and you’ll be charged for double or triple the fuel you purchased.