How to get traffic from a website that is not your own

How to get traffic from a website that is not your own


If you are a business, it is important to get traffic from as many sources as possible. This includes getting traffic from websites that are not your own. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Find a website with a similar audience to your own

First of all, you need to find a website that has traffic similar to your own. For example, do you run videos? Then you would want to get traffic from websites with videos because chances are they will be interested in yours too.

2. Find an existing or comment post

As per a leading SEO agency Dubai, once you have found a site that targets the same audience as your own then you should try and find one of their posts or comments that is related to what your content is about. If possible, it should ideally be something people can interact with. Use Google to find the post/comment and then leave a comment with your link in it.

3. Create content that is similar in tone and style to the content on the other website

Next, you need to create content that is of similar tone and style to the content on the other website. If it’s a humorous site then you would want to make your content funny too. If it’s a horror site then you should try and add horror elements into your own content. This gives them more reason to share it because their audience will find it interesting.

4. Share your content on social media and use relevant hashtags

Now that you have your content, it is time to share it on social media. If the site has a Facebook page then make sure to post your link there. If they have a Twitter account then be sure to tweet about it yourself too. However, if the site only has either of these things but not both, make sure to share it using hashtags relevant to their audience which will increase views for them too.

5. Get in touch with the original poster/tweeter/hashtagger and let them know about your shared content

Lastly, you should try and get in touch with the person who created the post or tweet that led people back to your own content in order to let them know how many people saw their post as a result of it leading them to your content. The reason you want to do this is because it will encourage them to share more of your content in the future, which means even more traffic for you.

Now that you know how easy it is to get traffic from other websites make sure to follow these tips and see how much extra traffic they can bring you!