Seeing An Urogynecologists? Know Some Basic Things Before Visiting

Seeing An Urogynecologists? Know Some Basic Things Before Visiting


Urogynecologists in Dubai can diagnose and treat various conditions that affect your pelvic floor and urinary tract. They can help you understand and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, including pelvic pain, incontinence, or leaking. They will also examine your pelvic muscles and ligaments and develop a treatment plan based on their findings.

Conditions treated by an Urogynecologists:

Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery are subspecialties of obstetrics and gynecology. Urogynecologists have completed medical school and a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Additionally, they typically complete a fellowship in urogynecological. These physicians are highly trained in all aspects of pelvic floor conditions and are experts in the latest research.

Urogynecologists treat pelvic floor disorders, including incontinence and fecal incontinence. These medical conditions affect women’s ability to use the bathroom. Because pelvic floor disorders are embarrassing, many women put off getting treatment until they have symptoms. With the expertise of Urogynecologists, women can regain the quality of life they had before these conditions began.

Tests performed:

Urogynecologists can perform several different tests to diagnose the problem. Urodynamic tests are performed to measure pressure in the bladder and urethra and determine if a problem exists. Cystoscopy is a non-invasive procedure that looks inside the bladder. Ultrasound is another common test that takes images of the pelvic organs and the pelvic floor. Anal manometry measures the pressure in the rectum and anal canal.

Common complaints:

The main goal of an appointment with an urogynecological specialist is to find a solution to a woman’s pelvic floor problem. The specialty bridges the gap between gynecology and urology, allowing both problems to be addressed by the same physician. Common complaints to see an Urogynecologists include urinary incontinence, pain in the pelvic area, uterine incontinence, and bowel problems.

Pelvic floor disorders affect a woman’s pelvic area and can be caused by various factors, including age and weight. Women experiencing pelvic pain or incontinence should speak with their primary care provider to determine the cause and treatment. Many of these conditions can be treated non-surgically. An Urogynecologists can provide a solution to these common complaints. These are some important things you must know before visiting an Urogynecologists.